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Comfort is complacency.



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Adam Smith is an in-demand inspirational speaker and leadership expert.

His 17 years in the US Military as a Green Beret make him the perfect speaker for your next event.

Adam brings his years of experience in going through the toughest challenges in the harshest environments around the globe to your audience.

If you're looking for a sugar-coated, sappy speaker, It's not Adam.

If you're looking for a powerful presentation to get your audience to take action and live their best lives, book Adam.

Adam brings a powerful blend of leadership insights, motivational stories and even some personal protection tips to every speech.

Your attendees will leave Adam's talk, motivated, excited, challenged and feeling better prepared in their personal and professional lives.

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Adam is your perfect speaker

Adam is the perfect speaker for the following audiences: future leaders, corporate executives, sales professionals. Curious if your audience is a fit? Contact Adam.


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Book Adam Smith

Book Adam Smith

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Comfort is complacency.


Every leader and team that seeks comfort is only seeking the plateau of their ability to create success. 


So often throughout history some leaders believed and expected to be followed because of their position.


We call those leaders tyrants.


"Because I said so", and not offering any value to the effort of their team, or taking the time to gain buy-in to the strategic vision of the company. 


How can you ever expect anyone to want to help the team succeed if they don’t know understand or find significance in what they do. 


I’m not saying you have to coddle anyone.


I’m saying that you have to water the growth of the team just like you water a plant. 


In the US ARMY Special Forces we use the concept of By, With, and Through when developing a force of fighters.


Imagine if you considered your team the same way Green Berets consider what it is to build rapport with a group of fighters that become reliant on each other for success.


Imagine if your team bought into your strategic vision.


Imagine if your team could understand their tactical actions have strategic impact. 


It’s time to create a team of focused specialists working together to create success for the “we”, not the “me”.

Adam Smith
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